About Us

The Mission

In 2016, America witnessed what many called a transcendent election. The polarization of that election season continued to have a ripple effect throughout many sectors of society far exceeding the political realm. Birthed from that fiery and oftentimes divisive election was the idea for a traveling art show called the UNPLUG ART EXPERIENCE. We launched a multi-dimensional art fair, in 2017 the Unplug Art Experience, to create more opportunities for underrepresented members of the artistic community, while synergizing themes of equality and profitability. Prior to launching Unplug, we conducted significant market research to justify the demand for the experience and to explore the extent of underrepresentation and inequality within the art industry of women and artists of color. Unplug is the realization that we are stronger together, rather than apart. We UNPLUG from the divisive nature of labels that encourage racism, misogyny, homophobia, religious intolerance, and ultimately hatred of our fellow humans and plug into a holistic experience.

The Experience

Unplug Art Shows demonstrates success in bridging the gap between underrepresented community members and the art industry through a unique exploration of artistic works; our aim is to magnify this outcome exponentially. Unplug invites both artists and attendees to escape to a multi-sensory artistic experience—including audio, visual, and olfactory—by exhibiting a wide range of interactive set pieces created by artists of color and moderating thought-provoking discussions with those creatives. Art consumers yearn for something more representative of the world around them; their appetite for entertainment and culture is representative of their evolving interests and desires. We believe our Unplug concept not only meets the needs of the changing audience but actually changes the conversation entirely. We are examples of diversity and inclusion in the art world. The tide is already shifting; we are here to further disrupt and occupy those spaces.